When learning a new language and new culture, one of the most searched words is how to say ‘beautiful’ in the target language. We all love beautiful things. We love beautiful cars, beautiful flowers and of course, beautiful people. Do you remember how to say ‘you’re pretty’ in Korean? Now, in this lesson, you will learn about how to say you are beautiful in Korean. They might be similar in definition, but they are used in totally different social settings.

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How to Say You Are beautiful in Korean

Here is how to say you are beautiful in Korean: 아름다우시네요 Please note that there are several different ways of saying you’re beautiful in Korean. One might say 아름다우십니다 that essentially means the same thing.

Sample Sentences Using You Are Beautiful in Korean

Please note that since we can only come up with a limited number of sample sentences using the phrase ‘you’re beautiful’, the word ‘beautiful’ will be used in various sample sentences to give a variety of examples in a Korean sentence.

이곳의 전망는 참 아름다운거 같아요 The view here is very beautiful.

너의 목소리는 너무 아름다워 Your voice is very beautiful

난 이 그림이 아름답게 보인다고 생각돼! I think this picture looks beautiful!

Note that the 아름다우시네요 has turned into different forms in each sentence. (아름다운거, 아름다워 and 아름답게) This is because the context and meaning of the word has changed in each sentence. The connecting word also determiners how the principal adjective would change its original form.

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Other Words to Describe You’re Beautiful in Korean 

As we have learned, you could tell a person that he/she is beautiful by saying 아르다우시네요 from time to time, depending on whom you are speaking to. If you are describing an object, you will not likely to use 아름다우시네요 because 시네요 implies that you are speaking directly to the subject of the beauty. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to describe an object, for example, a bouquet of flowers to be called 아름다우시네요. However, you may describe it as 부케가 아름다워요 .

Now you know to say you are beautiful in Korean, go and tell your loved ones how beautiful they are in Korean!