Sylvania is one of the favorite Television brands within the market. Generally, the Sylvania TV comes with remote control. In case because of any reason, if you misplace your “Sylvania TV remote” or it got spoilt, here you also get the “Sylvania tv codes”. You can use a”Sylvania tv codes for universal remote” to program the TV. 

Sylvania Electric Products is a U.S. based manufacturer of various modern electrical equipment, including at different times radio transceivers, televisions, vacuum tubes, semiconductors, and mainframe computers like MOBIDIC.

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They were one of the businesses involved in the development of the COBOL programming language.

Programming Instructions for Sylvania TV Codes for Universal Remote: 

Using the code(s) provided below, program the remote control directly using the following steps.

Before programming, universal remote codes do check the remote batteries are working properly.

Press and hold down the ‘SETUP’ button on the remote until the red light on the remote blinks. Then release the SETUP button. The red light should remain on. Press and release the device button on the remote for the sort of device you would wish to regulate. The red light will blink once and stay on.

And if there’s not a tool button on the “Sylvania tv remote” for your sort of device, you’ll use any device button on the remote.

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Use the dial pad buttons on the remote to enter the primary code which is given below in the list. The red light will turn off after entering the last digit. Point the remote at the device. Test the buttons on the remote to ascertain if the device responds as you’d expect. If the buttons don’t operate the device, return to Step 1 above, and use subsequent code within the list.

Repeat this process for your other devices that you wish to operate with the Sylvania tv universal remote codes.

5-Digit Sylvania TV Codes for Universal Remote:

11864, 12270, 11665, 10030, 10028, 11314, 10005, 10065, 11931,10171, 17342, 12270, 13207, 13811, 18212, 13700, 19617, 17627, 12284, 17464, 13811.

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4-Digit Sylvania TV Codes for Universal Remote:

0171, 0008, 0068, 1886, 0096, 1196, 1060, 1665, 0321, 0701, 0054, 1056, 1059, 1483, 1028, 1334, 0807, 0030, 1102, 1199, 1165, 1082, 5309, 5001, 5155, 5018, 5151, 1132, 1006, 1059, 1279, 5285, 1074, 1051, 5205, 0919, 1134, 0502, 0002, 5014, 1128

3-Digit Sylvania TV Codes for Universal Remote:

666, 632, 134, 035, 027, 006, 567, 060, 127, 164, 160, 011, 019, 699, 694, 030, 621, 668, 353, 020, 173, 007, 598, 068, 004, 559, 712, 456, 353, 621, 723, 196, 699, 074, 010.

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