Fog is a thing that occurs in cold weather. In cold weather, it reduces eyesight. It’s so hard to drive in foggy weather. Fog is also an element in Little Alchemy. So, due to this, many people try to make fog in Little Alchemy.

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But many of them, don’t know the steps of making fog. If you are one of them, this article is for you. For the making of fog, first, we have to make the cloud and earth. In this article, we will tell you, step by step that how to make fog in Little Alchemy.

Steps to Make Fog in Little Alchemy:

Before telling about the steps. We want to tell you something about the making of a fog. For making a fog, first, we have to make some things, for making cloud and earth. Then at the end, we will mix the cloud into the earth to make fog. Follow the below-mentioned steps!
In the 1st step, we will make Cloud:Air + Fire = EnergyEnergy + Water = SteamSteam + Air = CloudIn the 2nd step, finally, we will make a Fog:Cloud + Earth = Fog

Video Tutorial on how to Make Fog in Little Alchemy:

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