Piece of Heart #8¶

Exit to Termina Field from South Clock Town. Head southwest from Clock Town towards Milk Road , there are two large trees that outline this path. Along the way is a large patch of tall grass, enter it and walk towards the butterflies to fall into a hole.

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Here you’ll find a Pea Hat, just stay on the bottom-side of it so you can slash it’s weak spot and avoid taking damage. Loot the chest to obtain another Piece of Heart .

Milk Road¶

Head into nearby Milk Road where you can awaken an Owl Statue. Put on your Deku Mask and Bubble Blast the balloon holding Tingle in the air. Purchase the Map of Romani Ranch and if you have enough money, Great Bay.

Play the Song of Double Time until it’s Dawn of the Final Day and the boulder ahead will be cleared.

Romani Ranch¶


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Wear the Bunny Hood to run much faster than usual; essential!

Enter Romani Ranch and run to the west side of it, entering the Cuccoo Shack. Speak with Grog under the tree to hear how he wishes to see his chicks all grown up as roosters, but the moon is falling so he’ll never get that chance.

Put on the Bremen Mask and march around collecting all 10 chicks, keep marching and they’ll turn into roosters! Grog will reward you with the Bunny Hood !

“A mask with untamed vigor that sharpens your senses. Makes you fast as a hare and cute as a bunny!”

Piece of Heart #9¶

Head out north of North Clock Town and into Termina Field. Run down the slope and look left to see a hole in the ground. Hop down and start tossing Bombs at the Dodongos here, it takes 6 hits to defeat one. Defeat both Dodongos to spawn a chest with the Piece of Heart inside.

Kamaros Mask¶

Above the mushroom you just went under is the dancing man Kamaro, he appears from 12:00 AM to 6:00 AM on any night. Visit him by leaping from above then talk with him to hear his story. Play the Song of Healing and he’ll disappear, leaving Kamaro’s Mask.

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Piece of Heart #10¶

Go to West Clock Town and you’ll find the Rosa Sisters dancing at the northern end during night. Face them and put on Kamaro’s Mask then begin dancing. You’ll teach them a dance and they’ll reward you with a Piece of Heart.