Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee are out now, and as expected they’re filled with dozens of Pokemon to catch. However, there are also puzzles to solve, and some will actually stop you from progressing any further through the game. One especially tough example is the Pokemon Let’s Go Seafoam Islands stone puzzle.

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The Seafoam Islands can be a labyrinth, a maze of stones in an underground cave. It can be really frustrating to navigate, and that’s just getting through it. We haven’t even mentioned catching the Legendary Bird Articuno, who’s also there. We’ll show you how to get through the Pokemon Let’s Go Seafoam Islands maze, solve the stone puzzle, and catch Articuno.

How to Get to Pokemon Let’s Go Seafoam Islands

First we have to get to Seafoam Islands in the first place. To start off, you’ll need to acquire the Sea Skim technique in Fuchsia City, near to the Pokemon Go Park. There should be a trainer there, with a Lapras sitting next to him, and you can speak with this trainer to get Sea Skim. This is a secret technique that allows your Pokemon to surf across the waves.

While you’re there, if you haven’t got it already you’ll also need the Strong Push technique in order to solve the stone puzzle. Head to the south of Fuchsia City and look for Team Rocket, who are doing some digging. They find some gold teeth, which they give to you. Go to the Pokemon Center, head down to the Warden, and give the teeth to him. He’ll give you Strong Push in return.

Using Sea Skim, you can head to Seafoam Islands from the south of Fuchsia City. Head south from the Poke Mart and then use Sea Skim to go out on to the ocean, ignoring everything until you reach Seafoam. Alternatively, you can also reach Seafoam Islands from the eastern part of Cinnabar Island, if you’re over that way. Just swim east of the island until you hit Seafoam. Now you can start exploring the labyrinth.

How to Solve the Pokemon Let’s Go Seafoam Islands Stone Puzzle


The idea behind the Seafoam Islands stone puzzle is that you need to use your Strong Push technique to move giant stones out of the way and into holes, where they fall to a lower level. You have to maneuver these stones around the islands until they form a dam, which stops the water current and allows you to swim on. In practice it can be quite difficult. Just remember, if you mess up just leave the room and the blocks will get reset. Don’t do this by accident, though.

First, heal your Pokemon using the potion service just by the entrance. You’ll need them healthy, especially if you’re planning on taking on Articuno. Then, head north-east and push the first stone in the hole. Go back to the entrance and head north, where you’ll find a Coach Trainer. He’ll give you 5 Rare Candies if you beat him, but he’s irrelevant to the puzzle. Instead, head east (past the Escape Rope), and then south down a ramp, where you’ll find your second block to push.

There’s a ladder to the north you should head down. Here you should push the next block through the hole, grab the 5 Great Balls nearby, and then head back up the ladder again. Go to the Coach Trainer once more, and then go down the ladder near him. You’ll need to head generally north-east, starting south down a ramp, east, and up another ramp to a Super Repel. Then head north and you’ll find the first block you pushed, which you should push down again to the next floor.

Go back to the first ramp and head north-west this time, to a ladder which you should head down. Grab the Max Potion and climb down the next ladder. Go east to find the first block again. Push it once more through the nearest hole and it should block half the water current. Congratulations, you’re half done.

The Second Part of the Stone Puzzle

Head back up the ladder you just came down, then to the second ramp, where you’ll find another ladder you should climb down. Grab the Ice Beam and ignore the ladder to the east that goes up, as you want the one to the west that goes down. You’ll find an X Speed to the west, but you should then go east and attempt to cross the water. You’ll get swept away to another part. Don’t worry, that was meant to happen.

Head north and down the ladder, grabbing the Super Lure and Big Pearl on the way. Head to the north-eastern part of the room, past another Big Pearl, and get the ladder here. Pick up the Super Repel and head up the next ladder. You’ll find the next block here, so push it into the hole. Then head back down the two ladders you just came up, go west, and back up another ladder you previously climbed. You should be in the water current room, now blocked by two stones. Just one more to go.

Go south and east, where you should find two blocks. Push the left one. If you just wish to leave the Seafoam Islands and not face Articuno, head back north, and you’ll find the current blocked. Congratulations, you’ve cleared the main part of the stone puzzle!

How to Find and Catch Articuno

If you’ve made it this far into the puzzle, you’ll probably also want to catch the Legendary Bird Articuno. Unfortunately, in order to get to it you’ll need to do a little more with the stone puzzle, since you need to block a little more of the water current. Go to the area with the last stone you pushed. Head south-west towards four more boulders, and you should be able to grab a Hyper Potion along the way.

Push the very westernmost block down the hole next to it, then head east to the next two blocks. Push the right block up twice, then push the left block down and left. Then push it down the hole, and follow it. Head north, grab the Big Pearl, and be prepared to take on Articuno.

It’s a Level 50 Pokemon, and you’ll need to defeat it in battle and reduce its health to zero before you can catch it. Remember to save before you try to take it on. It’s an Ice-type, so it’s weak against Fire-type attacks. Hopefully you have a Fire Pokemon to hand, and healed right at the start of Seafoam Islands. Make sure to be quick, as you’re on a five-minute timer from when you start the battle.

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When you enter the catching phase, use either a Nanab Berry to steady it or Silver Razz Berry, then either try to get Excellent throws or attack it with Ultra Balls. As long as you saved beforehand it doesn’t matter if it escapes, you can always try again. When you’ve finally caught it, head back to the water current bridge. Climb the ladder to the south-east, then up another two ladders (picking up all the items along the way), where you’ll finally be at the cave’s exit. That’s it for the Pokemon Let’s Go Seafoam Islands.