In this article, we will show you how to remove the blades from a disposable razor. Follow this step-by-step instruction to get the best and safest result.

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A disposable razor is such a convenient and easy-to-use tool to shave your body hair. However, although removing blades is an uncomplicated task, you have to do it really carefully as the blades are still sharp regarding their small size.

So, whether you dispose of the blades and plastic separately or make something new from the components, take proper measures to keep the entire process safe and painless.

If you still wonder “How to remove the blades from a disposable razor?”, let this article be your guiding light.

Remove the blade from the disposable razor

Here is a video showing you how to remove the blades from a razor:

How to get the blade out of a PLASTIC razor


1. Can I Remove The Blades From A Disposable Razor Without Burning It?

It’s okay to take out the blades off the razor without fire. You need to use a paper-knife to cut all the plastic parts, then pull out the blades.

However, this will take more effort and can be dangerous. So you still should choose what is recommended above for safety reasons.

2. Can Disposable Razors Be Reused?

Reusing razors has different implications depending on your face, hair, and how often you shave. In reality, you can reuse your disposable razors over and over again by cleaning and sharpening the blades after each use.

If your hair isn’t very thick, you can use the disposable for up to a month by using it 3 to 4 times per week. However, if you have thicker and coarse hair, you might have to change it more often.

3. How To Prolong The Life Of Disposable Razors?

The steps below may not extend the life of your razor indefinitely, but will help keep your disposable razor in good condition for a while.

Step 1. Keep your razor clean and dry

Regularly wash your razor after use with soap and a small brush. After cleaning is finished, dip your disposable razor in alcohol to kill bacteria and also to evaporate any water droplets that have accumulated on the knife.

This will help keep your knives clean, avoiding bacteria buildup and corrosion.

Step 2. Store dry

After completing the cleaning step, you need to dry it with a soft cloth and store the razor in a dry place, away from water and high humidity.

Step 3. Maintain sharpness

To extend the life of your razor once in a while, you can’t forget to sharpen and oil your razor.

Run the razor blade about 15 to 20 times over old jeans in the opposite direction of how you usually shave. Then, you apply 1 to 2 drops of baby oil evenly on the blade to lubricate and prevent rust.

4. When Should You Throw Away Your Disposable Razor?

Usually, you should only use disposable razors 5 to 10 times. Using a razor blade that is no longer sharp will make you more susceptible to cuts and infections.

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So now you know the steps of “How to remove the blades from a disposable razor?”. I hope these instructions are helpful and you don’t find it hard to follow. Last but not least, please remember to be careful and not to hurt yourself.