It"s no surprise: we all have different ways of eating ice cream. Some people prefer their frozen treats in cups while others want them mounted on top of extravagant waffle crisps. But the latest scoop is that how you eat your ice cream reveals what kind of person you are. Want to see how you match up? Read on to find out. 

If you like to eat your ice cream...

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In a cone

Hana Brannigan

You"re a stickler to the rules. Ice cream is supposed to be eaten on a cone, so you"re perplexed that people would do otherwise. You"re already overwhelmed when asked to choose between a sugar or a waffle cone, but to think that you can also opt for a cup? That"s just blasphemy. 

In a cup

Luna Zhang

You"re cautious, but to a practical extent. Who cares how good your ice cream looks and tastes in a cone when you have it dripping everywhere – you sure don"t. You"re not one to sugar coat, which is why all of your friends go to you for relationship advice. They know you"ll be upfront with what you say, no matter how difficult it may be to hear.

In a waffle bowl

Natsuko Mazany

Your name screams "EXTRA," but frankly, you don"t care. So what if you don"t really need a waffle bowl to eat your ice cream out of? You"re the most bougie of the crowd...and you like that. You"ve always had a knack for stardom anyway. 

Sandwiched between cookies 

Julia Hedelman

You"re all about maximizing rewards, whether it"s with your SkyMiles or your ice cream choices. You think that the ice cream sandwich is the most ingenious invention ever because you get two of your favorites in one, and who can really blame you? With food prices rising as they are today, there"s no going wrong with getting ice cream and cookies for what"s often the price of just the ice cream itself. 

In a cone, using a spoon

Rica Beltran

You"re a people-pleaser. You want the aesthetics of the cone to prove to your social media followers that you"ve had ice cream, but deep down inside, all you really care about is eating the ice cream in a manner that"s easiest for you. Thankfully, the spoon is your best friend, and you can eat cleanly all while resting assured that your cone looks good. 


Maddie Lanier

You"re definitely the most social media savvy of the crew. It"s a hard task getting a snap, Instagram and potential blog photo all in one go, but somehow you manage to do it before your ice cream completely takes on the form of soup. Your friends may point out that they"re almost done with their cones while you"re just starting yours, but all you have to do is show them your three photos to make them back down...maybe.

All at once 

Rica Beltran

You"re a go-getter. In your head, it"s either all or nothing, and that"s the exact mindset you take on when you eat your ice cream.

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Most people like to tackle their cones lick by lick, but in your opinion, if you don"t eat a whole scoop of ice cream at once, then why eat at all? 

It"s amazing how such a simple task like eating ice cream can be so strategic. The next time you head to the parlor with your friends, be sure to keep an eye out for how they eat their frozen treats – you might learn more about them than you can figure out in a lifetime.