Did Rachel Ray lose weight?How much does Rachael Ray weigh now?How much weight has Rachael Ray gained?What does Rachel ray look like now?

I try to answer those questions in this in-depth article of Rachael Ray’s weight loss journey and share some insider secrets too.

You’re also going to know EVERYTHING about Rachael Ray’s weight gain, and her before and after story.

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Sometimes when the celebrities lose weight and their weight-loss journey is revealed to the public along with fantastic pictures before and after pics of their new bodies…

…this can be a real turn-on to get your own weight loss plan in action.

Particularly if the star is someone you have followed and who you feel you relate to, or admire.

Here"s What"s In Store For You...

An introduction to Rachael Ray – Famed celebrity and cook

An introduction to Rachael Ray – Famed celebrity and cook

Image by Living Magazine

Over the past years, since her humble beginnings in the upstate New York grocery store where she taught her customers how to prepare 30-minute meals, Ray has built a huge multimillion-dollar successful empire.

Over that time she has written simply heaps of best-selling cookbooks, even owning her own line of – guess it – EVOO (olive oil!) and cookware.

Naturally, in her glittering career, she has also had her share of setbacks and had to make some hard choices.

But through it all, she has learned how to cook up a storm into a wonderful life.

She has shared many diet tips on how she lost her amazing weight, but that has gone hand in hand with her wonderful recipe for life as well.

Here it is:

1) Remember Your Roots

Rachael Ray was born to cook because her mother, Elsa Scuderi, was the daughter of a Sicilian immigrant who taught Ray’s mom the value of working hard and the joys of eating his native cuisine.

And today she does remember her roots, modeling her career after her mothers, who had such a great influence on her life.

Her mom valued beauty in every area of her life, and Ray says she tries to do the same.

She taught Ray that you don’t need to be rich to have a rich life.

And she remembers those who helped her get started.

She grew up with small-town values, and understands the importance of relationships and very importantly, staying true to herself.

2) Pursue your passions

Rachael saw a newspaper ad for a candy-counter manager in Macy’s and that brought her to New York City.

Soon she was moved into a management position in the fashion accessories department.

But the problem was she loved working with food, so she turned that job down and took a job at a gourmet store instead.

Then a “happy little accident” helped her get a job as a food buyer and preparing dishes at a gourmet grocery in Albany, NY.

This is where she came up with the idea of offering cooking classes and where her passion for cooking started her brilliant career.

This became her amazing signature: her 30-minute meals.

The rest followed; contracts with Food Networks, books, talk shows, and products.

Ray always knew food was her future – she followed her passion.

3) Modesty is the best policy

Ray continues to say down-to-earth.

She often says, “I’m not a chef.”

What she is, is a world-class recipe developer, but she never will say it or claim it.

Actually, when Ray met Food Network many years back, she actually felt like she didn’t fit in and said it to the team.

She said, “You guys are Champagne; I’m beer out of the bottle,” but nevertheless, she was offered the $300,000-plus contract!

4) Marriage is what you make it

Ray never compromised her career for romance.

Even though she is supportive of her husband, and even though she and her husband work very hard, they keep connected with their own bonding rituals.

She says she and he stay up long enough to share a meal and have a laugh, no matter how late it is – they make for richer days.

5) When life gives you lemons

Ray suffered a lot from croup as a child, but even as a child, she would not let that cough get her down and under.

Even though she had to erect vaporizing tents around her, she would happily work on whatever she loved doing at the time.

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And her plastic surgery as an adult to remove a benign cyst on one of her vocal cords left her recuperating – it was at this time that she started going to the gym.

She says she grew up with the Mediterranean diet.

When she’s not chilling, she is pursuing her true passion, cooking in the kitchen.

For her, cooking is more than a vacation and a vocation.

When she receives letters from people telling her that she has helped them overcome their fear in the kitchen, then she knows she did her job and that she has made a difference.

How cool is that?!

And that’s another of her favorite words.

So there you have Rachael Ray’s life, her diet, her workouts, and her lifestyle habits that helped her to knock off the weight.

Now it’s your turn to shake off the extra flab without going on any of some really unhealthy fad diets – she visited with Dr. Oz. and left these recipes for you, as well as trying the Mediterranean lifestyle.

You can do it too!

Thing is, the secret of the Rachael Ray’s weight loss is really called a non-diet.

It’s really, for her and what others will love to do too, about eating in moderation and not restricting yourself like so many diets recommend.

It is about exercising daily to shed off the calories consumed.

Rachael’s “non-diet” diet that consists of daily exercise and eating in moderation worked for her…

…it could be just the answer you have been looking for in your weight loss path…