Miranda is one of the first squad members you meet in Mass Effect 2, but that doesn’t mean she’ll stick with you through thick and thin. If you don’t make the right decisions, or at the very least ensure you’re persuasive enough to keep her around, then you could very well see her leave the team either by choice or by death. As such, you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to know how to get and keep Miranda loyal in Mass Effect 2 before you make a mistake.

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Well, worry not. We’ve deciphered the exact methods needed to make sure she sticks with you and makes it to the end of the game breathing. Read on to find out what you’ll need to do, how you can do it, and more.

How to Get and Keep Miranda Loyal in Mass Effect 2

As mentioned above, Miranda is one of the first squad members you can get in Mass Effect 2. She’s impossible to miss out on, and will be added to your team automatically.

From there, you’ll need to talk to her whenever possible and keep your conversations agreeable. Avoid outright antagonizing her, and try to learn more about her when you can. This should eventually open up her loyalty mission. titled “The Prodigal.” Complete this mission as soon as you get it, and Miranda’s Loyalty should be maxed out.


After that, the only way to lose her loyalty is by siding with Jack during an argument between the two. This can be avoided by either siding with Miranda – which will mean you’ll then need to smooth things over with Jack to maintain her Loyalty – or convince them to stop fighting without taking a side. The latter option requires a very high Paragon or Renegade score to pull off, so make sure you’re increasing your preferred stat as often as possible.

Can You Get Miranda’s Loyalty Back After Losing it?

If you failed to side with her during the fight with Jack and lost Miranda’s Loyalty in Mass Effect 2, there is a way to get it back.

After the fight, head toward Miranda’s quarters and speak with her. So long as your Paragon or Renegade score is high enough, you’ll have the chance to convince her you’re still on her side.

Time needed: 1 hour.

So, to recap how you can get and keep Miranda loyal in Mass Effect 2:

Talk to her whenever possible and keep the conversations civil

Complete her Loyalty Mission, titled “The Prodigal,” as soon as you’re able

Side with her in her fight with Jack, or convince them both to stop fighting via Paragon or Renegade dialogue

Note that if you side with Jack, you can still go back and convince Miranda you’re on her side by speaking to her in her quarters.

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That’s everything there is to know about how to get and keep Miranda loyal in Mass Effect 2. For more on the game and how to keep other squad members loyal to you, be sure to check out our Mass Effect Legendary Edition guide wiki.