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1904 Lewis And Clark Exposition Commemorative One Dollar Gold Coin.


The United States Mint did produce one two-headed coin on purpose. This was not a mistake or a covert operation that happened in the middle of the night. The coin was designed explicitly with a head on each side. The 1904 & 1905 Lewis and Clark Gold Commemorative Dollar, is the nation"s only coin to feature two portraits on separate sides.Capt. Meriwether Lewis is on one side and Capt. William Clark is on the other. The side with the date of 1905 at the bottom and the inscription "LEWIS-CLARK EXPEDITION PORTLAND ORE." is commonly considered the obverse while the other side with the inscription of "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the denomination of "ONE DOLLAR," is regarded as the reverse.

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The United States Mint also made other coins with two heads on them. But these coins had two heads on the same side of the coin. For example, the 1900 commemorative Lafayette Dollar had the heads of George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette on the obverse. The 1921 Alabama Centennial silver dollar has the busts of William Wyatt Bibb, the first governor of Alaska, and T. E. Kilby, the governor at the time the state Centennial was being celebrated. This is the first instance of a living person being portrayed on a United States coin.