Choosing the best paintball hopper is a crucial, yet often overlooked accessory that will make or break your marker’s performance.

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Here’s why:

The hopper you buy can mean the difference between consistently going on a Rambo-esque shooting spree…

…or being a sitting duck.

A reliable loader is essential to fully enjoy each and every paintball game down to the last round, without the worry of it jamming up or breaking your precious paint.

That said:

You can play with confidence with the #1 rated Dye LT-R Electronic Hopper by your side. The excellent feed rates from its patented loader technology will send your enemies scrambling for cover while you rack up hit after hit.

Best Paintball Hoppers 2021

1. DYE LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper

Editor's Choice

Excellent Feed Rates

Tool-Less MaintenanceElectronicPrice: $
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2. Virtue Spire III Electronic Paintball Hopper

Most Reliable

Sleek & Compact

High CapacityElectronicPrice: $$$
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3. Tippmann Cyclone Feeder System

Best Budget Buy

15bps, But Air-Assisted

User FriendlyEasy To InstallPrice: $
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1. DYE LT-R Electronic Paintball Hopper

If you are looking for an electronic type then I think that one of the best options for you is the DYE LT-R electronic paintball hopper.

In my opinion, one thing that sets the DYE LT-R apart from the rest is that it uses the patented DYE loader technology. Such technology works in combining a high level of functionality with reliability and excellent feed rates.

In fact, I realized that it is actually capable of firing more than 30 balls every second. I find it impressive in the battery efficiency department, too. It is mainly because it only requires 3AA batteries to power it.

Once the batteries are around, the hopper will be capable of providing more than 80,000 balls shot count.

It also boasts of its tool-less maintenance. With such a feature, it is possible for users to enjoy an effortless, highly intuitive, and fast assembly and disassembly process. You can also easily clean up and maintain it with just one push of a button and just by simply sliding the locking tab.

What is even better about this electronic paintball hopper is its ability to remain completely functional for a certain period of time because its coated board is water-resistant. Furthermore, it is easy to fine-tune the settings of the torque manually with its adjustable torque feature.

You will also be satisfied with the fact that the hopper lets you turn off an indicator light in case you are participating in low-light or night games with the help of its black-ops feature.

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One issue, though, is that it is prone to jamming but you can easily deal with this problem just by turning it upside down and pulling the unjam mechanism.