Im talking about being able to stand and ride on the board without losing balance. 1 hour? 5 hours? 20 hours?


1-2 days riding for 2 to 3 hours each. Everyone takes their time just don't stress about it and never give up !

Thank. I was asking because there's not really a private place for me to practice and I'm going to look like a fool but I probably shouldn't care as much as I do

To begin riding around, it took me about an hour to do that. Then, I slowly became more comfortable on the I learned how to drag my tail to stop, how to foot drag stop, and got more comfortable kickturning. After about 5 months I was fairly comfortable cruising around, and was beginning to learn the ollie. Fast forward to a year and a half after I started skating, I can cruise around, bomb hills, powerslide, ollie over cracks and stuff like that. My tip for getting comfortable, go cruise around A LOT. Warm up by cruising around your neighborhood. Maybe skate a small hill, start off half way up the hill, and work your way up.

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Riding, a few hours. Riding confidently at a fair speed, a few days. Being able to drag a foot to stop and being able to get a walking/running start instead of putting the board down and starting from a standstill, a few weeks.

As for your concerns about skating in private/public, I (and just about every other skater out there) have eaten it more than a few times skating down the sidewalk or in a public parking lot. It's really not that different from stalling the car when learning to drive stick or dropping the bike at a light when learning to ride a motorcycle. It's a little embarrassing, but every does it when they start, and it's just a part of learning.

For me, riding came pretty quickly when I started because we had those toys r us skateboards as kids. Once I actually got into skateboarding, even though I knew how to ride it, it still took some time to learn how to balance and tictac and all that. I don't remember the exact time it took me, but I skated as often as I could and that helped a lot.

Well I used to skate as a little kid, then I dropped it and picked it back up, so maybe a week to get balance back and able to Ollie decent.

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