Egg Drop Soup is the quickest and easiest soup you’ll ever make- on your table in less than 15 minutes!

Egg Drop Soupis a healthy Chinese soup that is easy to make at home with minimal ingredients and prep. It is made with a savory, salty chicken stock base seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, garlic, pepper and green onions. Raw eggs are streamed into the hot seasoned broth to instantaneously create tender, wispy egg “noodles” – magic before your eyes! This Egg Drop Soup recipe is warm and comforting, flavorful but not overpowering, creamy yet light and soothing all at the same time. It’s also customizable by adding protein or veggies. I’ve included a recipe video on How to Make Egg Drop Soup as well as tips and tricks for the Best Egg Drop Soup recipe. Now, let’s hear it for restaurant-style Egg Drop Soup bursting with flavor, all cooked in one pot for an easy meal any day of the week!

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Egg Drop Soup is very low in calories and carbohydrates with anice boost of protein. If you want toadd more nutrients, simmer some vegetables in the broth before adding theeggs.

Egg DropSoup Calories: One cup of Egg Drop Soup contains approximately57calories.Egg Drop Soup Carbs: One cup of Egg Drop Soup containsapproximately 4.5 grams carbohydrates.Egg Drop Soup Fat: One cup of Egg Drop Soup containsapproximately 2.4 grams of fat.Egg Drop Soup Protein: One cup of Egg Drop Soup containsapproximately 4.3 grams protein.

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You are going to LOVEhow easy this Egg Drop Soup recipe is! Tomake egg drop soup:

Prepare eggs: whisk the eggs together in a pourablemeasuring cup. Prepare the base: Whisk the chicken stock, groundginger, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, sesame oil,cornstarch together OFF HEAT in a medium saucepan until smooth. Bring to a boil. Stir occasionally while the stock comesto a boil then reduce to a simmer.Create a whirlpool. Reduce heat to a simmer and stir the stockin one direction with a fork.Add eggs.Slowly pour the whisked eggs into the stock while continuing to stir thesoup in the same direction. Theeggs will spread and feather into ribbons.Add green onions. Remove from heat and stir in greenonions. Adjust seasonings. Taste (careful it will be hot!) and seasonwith additional salt and pepper to taste desired. Serve immediately.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Egg Drop Soup

Usehigh quality ingredients. With so few ingredients, it isimportant to use quality ingredients, especially quality chicken stock. It will give you the maximum flavor. Usepourable measuring cup. The spout will make the eggs easy to pour ina thin stream. If you don’t have ameasuring cup, you can add them to a anything with a spout like a pitcher ortransfer to a plastic bag and snip a tiny corner off. Fully dissolve cornstarch off heat. Do not turn the heat on until thecornstarch is fully dissolved otherwise it will stay clumpy and neverdissolve. Stir stock. Stirthe stock/broth occasionally while it comes to a boil so the cornstarchdoesn’t settle at the bottom. Stir stock slowlywhen adding eggs.You can stir the stock as rapidly as you like to create the whirlpool,but you’ll want to slow down once you start adding the eggs, otherwise they candissolve into almost unrecognizable wisps. Speed of stirring =thickness of egg flowers. The speed at which you stir the stock when adding the eggs will determinehow thin or thick your egg ribbons “egg flowers” are. For small, thin egg flowers, stir morequickly (but remember, not too rapidly), for thicker, even chunkier eggribbons, stir more slowly. You can also vary your stirring speed to create avariety of thin and thick egg flowers.Slowly add eggs. You don’t want to add the eggs tooquickly or it will lower the temperature of the broth. We want the broth to stay nice and hotso the eggs almost instantaneously cook which helps them feather into longribbons and not clump. Serve immediately.Part of the charm of Egg Drop Soup is the sensation of hot broth pairedwith the silky egg flowers AKA it is best served right away.


This Egg Drop Soup has a nice silky richness due to the cornstarch. For an even thicker soup, create a slurry by dissolvingdesired amount of cornstarch in a couple tablespoons of water and whisk intosimmering soup.


It is easy to thin Egg Drop Soup if you would like more of abrothy texture. Simply whisk inadditional stock to reach desired consistency.

How much does this egg drop soup recipe make?

This Egg Drop Soup makes about 6 cups, which is about 4 small bowlsof soup, perfect for a small family. Butnever fear, it is easy to scale this Egg Drop Soup up or down. Justuse the handy “servings” button on the recipe card and it will change theingredient amounts for you.


Thiseasy Egg Drop Soup is typically served as an appetizer. It would be delicious alongside any of these Asian appetizers:

Or paired with a mainChinese entrée such as:

Can I make Egg Drop Soup Ahead of Time?

Egg Drop Soup is best served immediatelyso it is not recommended to prepare the soup in its entirety ahead oftime. Instead, you can:

whisk together all of the stock ingredients, cover andrefrigeratewhisk together all of the eggs, cover and refrigeratechop green onions and store in an airtight container in therefrigerator

When it’s time to make Egg Drop Soup,give the broth a good whisk to make sure you don’t have any clumps ofcornstarch then proceed to simmer and add the eggs.

Can you reheat egg drop soup?

Egg Drop Soup is besteaten right away as the eggs don’t maintain the same texture when reheated. That being said, you can still reheat Egg Drop Soup, just beaware it’s not like most soups that get better with time.

Take care when reheating to not heat at too high of heat – youdon’t want to scramble the eggs or they can get rubbery. Low and slow is the name of the game.

Stove:heat overmedium low heat, stirring occasionally until heated through.Microwave:transfer individual servings of Egg Drop Soup to amicrowave-safe bowl and microwave for 30 seconds, stir, then warm at 15-secondintervals, as needed, taking care not to over-heat.

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How Do I Store Egg Drop Soup?

Egg Drop Soup shouldbe stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

When stored correctly, it will last about 3 to 4 days in therefrigerator.

Can I freeze Egg Drop Soup?

No, I don’t recommendfreezing Egg Drop Soup as the egg flowers become an unpleasant texture when frozenand reheated.

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