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Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 1:28 pm
I"m curios about the top speed of other gy6 powered buggies on this site. I realize that some of you have geared yours to climb mountains, but please post anyway. Im trying to get a feeling of which mods seems to effect top speed the most so that I make sure that I have them.
If you could, when you reply, state; your buggy, your modifications, and your top speed. Also, if you can state the amount of time it takes you to reach this top speed it would be great.
Posted: Wed Jun 25, 2008 2:55 pm
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Buggy: Carter GSX150R2Mods: 10 Gram RollersTop Speed: 38mphI don"t have acceleration time but it"s pretty slow. Once I get my new mods done I will post the new info.

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_________________Carter GSX150R2-10 Gram Rollers, Stock Spring and Clutch, UNI Filter, Bike Speedometer, Hammerhead Performance Exhaust, Bando Coil, Arctic Cat Rear Shocks, Arvin Front Shocks, Larger Battery, Kenda Max Front Tires
I have not had a speed run to date with my current mods, but previously, with a huge carb jetted properly, 9gram sliders destroyed my top speed. 9g sliders, 1500lb spring and a 32mm carb only yielded a 27mph top speed... I went to 12g sliders and gained almost 4 mph, bringing it to 31, and then I went back to rollers and gained even more!!!! I think I am hitting close to 40 now... If not, it is really, really close...John

Really, I was thinking the rollers would make a difference. I am currently hitting 43 in my Blade with 9 gram rollers. So would you say 12 would be good or should I go higher? Edit: I"m actually unsure of the exact weight of the rollers. They are either 9 or 10 gram rollers for sure though because those are the only ones I have ordered.....

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The Dune 150 does 35-37mph (gps) in a approx. 1/4 mile strecth. The MRP clutch, $59 shaved about 70 yds and added 1-2 mph. The difference was evident soon as a pulled out of my driveway. On the dirt, there is a place I ride, and one spot you come down a 15-20" hill into 2 whoops one to the left and one to the right, as you climb out of the valley. These whoops are staggered, so you have to slow down having a solid axle, rear swing arm. However the climb runs you perpendicular to a 50" hill which you must make a hair pin turn on to the path up the hill or go over the side into some buggy busting terrain. The first time iI tried it with my new clutch I did a 180 degree power slide, that took took me by suprise, in an oh fecal matter kinda way. I"m waitng for my clutch for the Joyner 250 as I type.Greg
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