Here are the top 10 Black Panther Facts For Kids which will provide you with a brief overview about this awesome cat.Black panther is a melanistic (black pigmented) big cat.Black panthers have specific rosette patterns that are not visible due to their dark fur.A Black panther can be a leopard, jaguar & very rarely a tiger that has black fur..A leopard and jaguar black panthers has a speed of 58 km/h and 80 km/h, respectively.

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Black panthers are excellent and strongest tree climbers.A jaguar black panther can drag a bull that double its own size in its jaws.Black panther leopards and jaguars are found in forests, grasslands, and wetlands.Black panthers are obligate carnivores.Black panther is the national animal of African country Gabon.A black panther is also sometimes known as the ghost of the forest.

Black Panther Facts For Kids

What Is Black Panther – Black Panthers Definition

Black panther is a term used for melanistic or black pigmented color variants of any Panthera (big cat) species.However, this term is particularly used for black pigmented jaguars (Panthera onca) found in Americas and leopards (Panthera padres) found in Asia and Africa.Black panthers of both species have their specific spotted marking beside having excessively pigmented coats.They are the black morphs of their own species and do not form any separate species.Their black color is due to genetics. The genetic allele that causes melanism (black pigmentation) is dominant in jaguars and recessive in leopards.Black panthers are less common than their normal counterparts. They are estimated to be only 11% of the leopard population and only 6% of the South American jaguar population.Black variant forms are also found in tigers, however, they are extremely rare as compared to leopards and jaguars.
Black Panther

What Does Black Panther Mean – Black Panther Meaning

Black panther means melanistic (black pigmented) big cat.This term is especially used for pigmented leopards and jaguars.

What Does A Black Panther Symbolize

 As a totem animal, black panther symbolizes courage, strength, and power.

Black Panther Scientific Name

The scientific name of black panther is;Panthera onca for jaguarPanthera pardus for leopard 

Black Panther Classification – Black Panther Taxonomy

The following is the scientific classification or taxonomy of black panther:Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Sub-phylum Vertebrata Class Mammalia Order Carnivora Sub-order Feliformia Family Felidae Sub-family Pantherinae Genus Panthera Species Panthera onca (jaguar)
Panthera pardus (leopard)

Where Do Black Panthers Come From – Black Panther Evolution

Geographically, the most probable origin of the Panthera is northern Central Asia.The oldest known Panthera species is Panthera blytheae, whose skull features resemble that of the snow leopard.The divergence of Panthera from other cat species occurred around 11.3 million years ago. It then evolved into the species of leopard around 4.35 million years ago and into jaguar about 1.5 million years ago.It is considered that the modern leopard evolved about 0.5 to 0.8 million years ago in Africa. About 0.3 to 0.2 million years ago, it then adaptively radiated across Asia.Jaguars probably entered the American continent through the Bering Strait Bridge or Beringia during the Early Pleistocene.Panthera onca augusta was its immediate ancestor, who was larger than the modern jaguars.

Black Panther Characteristics – Black Panther Features

Beside black fur, the black panther jaguars and black panther leopards have the same characteristic as their normal counterparts. Like normal jaguars and leopards, black panther jaguars and leopards have their specific rosette patterns. However, it is not clearly visible due to the dark color of their fur.A jaguar black panther has a stocky body, round head, strong square shape jaws, and extremely powerful legs.Black panther leopards also have muscular bodies, broad heads, and short limbs like their normal counterparts. Evidence shows that a dominant allele is responsible for melisms in jaguars. While in leopards, a recessive allele causes melanism.Like their normal counterparts, black panther jaguars are more robust than leopards. Of all the big cat species, the biting force of jaguar is the third highest (after tiger and lion). A medium size adult jaguar can lonely drag a full size bull in its jaws and can grind the heaviest bones.

Black Panther Species – Types Of Black Panthers

There are two types or species of black panthers;Panthera onca (jaguar)Panthera pardus (leopard)

What Does A Black Panther Look Like – Black Panther Appearances

How Tall Is Black Panther – Black Panther HeightThe average standing height of a black panther leopard is 60 to 70 cm (23.6 to 27.5 inches) at the shoulder region.In jaguar black panthers, the average standing height is from 63 to 76 cm (24.8 to 30.0 inches).The average height of black tigers is from 70 to 120 cm (27.5 to 47.2 inches).How Big Is A Black Panther – Black Panther SizeThe average size of a black panther leopard is from 90 to 160 cm (0.9 to 1.6 meter).The average size of a black panther jaguar is from 120 to 200 cm (1.2 to 2.0 meters).The average size of black tiger is from 250 to 390 cm (2.5 to 3.9 meters).How Much Does A Black Panther Weigh – Black Panther WeightThe average weight of an adult leopard black panther is up to 31 kg (68.3 pounds).The average weight of adult jaguar black panthers is from 56 to 96 kg (123.4 to 211 pounds).The weight range of adult black tigers is from 90 to 310 kg (198.4 to 683.4 pounds).What Color Is A Black Panther – Black Panther ColorsA black panther has shiny black or dark brown color.What Color Eyes Do Black Panthers Have – Black Panther Eye ColorBlack panthers have green or emerald green color eyes.Black Panther Teeth FactsLike other felids (big cats), black panthers have the following basic dental formula: “ (Incisors) 3/3; (Canine) 1/1; (Premolars) 3/2; (Molars) 1/1 = 30”.Like all felids, the premolar and molar teeth of black panthers have carnassial modification for shearing flesh.Their 3rd premolar has an interior cusp for crushing bones.They have large canine teeth that are enforced with strong masseter muscles. They use their canine teeth to kill prey, often only with a single lethal bite. 

Black Panther Description

How Fast Is A Black Panther – Black Panther SpeedBlack panthers are fast animals and a leopard and jaguar black panthers can run at the speeds of 58 km/h and about 80 km/h, respectively.However, like other big cats, black panthers also have a short stamina and can maintain their fast speed for only short distances.How Fast Can A Black Panther RunA leopard black panther can run at the speed of 58 km/h (36 miles per hour).A jaguar black panther can run at the speed of about 80 km/h (50 miles per hours).A black tiger can run with the speed of 49 to 65 km/h (30 to 40 miles per hour).Black Panther JumpingA leopard black panther can jump up to 3 meters (10 feet) high in the air and covers up to 6 meter (20 feet) distance in a single leap.The jumping height of a jaguar black panther is also 3 meters (10 feet) off the ground.Can Black Panthers Swim – Black Panther Swimming FactsYes, both jaguar and leopard black panthers can swim.Both jaguar and leopard black panthers are excellent swimmers.The exact swimming speed of leopard black panthers is unknown, however, it is believed that they swim at the speed of 15 km/h just like their normal counterparts.Jaguar black panthers are extremely good swimmers and love to live near water. They are known for crossing long rivers.During swimming, black panthers use their limbs and tail to propel their body through water.They swim for hunting fish and other animals found in water, and for crossing rivers.Do Black Panthers Climb Trees – Black Panthers Climbing FactsYes, black panthers climb trees.Black panthers are excellent and strongest tree climbers.

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They are observed pouncing on the prey from a tree.They use their strong paws for climbing, while their sharp claws provide them a strong grip on the tree. To climb down from a tree, they descend with head-first position.Leopard black panthers usually choose tree branches to rest during the day time. They sometimes also carry their kills up in the tree probably to ensure that it would not be stolen.Climbing ability is one of the special adaptations of the black panthers, as some of their prey inhabit the canopy layer of the forest.