From his music and performances to his personal controversies too- he’s everywhere. And believe it or not, so is Chris Brown’s penis.Therefore, we kid you not when we say, it’s a sight that’s keeping many at bay. And without any trigger warning, there are images and discussions about his personal assets everywhere. But what’s the big deal? Why does Chris Brown’s penis happen to be on every other person’s mind?

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The world has their say on the revealing images

As if one exposed picture wasn’t enough, here comes another one. But what are fans and foes saying about the picture? Furthermore, what’s the star’s take on the sudden hype revolving around his assets?

Well, if you ask us, we’d probably say that we’ve seen one too many images to actually be bothered. Others explain how the sight of his personal assets just isn’t cool anymore. It’s gross and sickening for many. And these are the fans who choose to stick to Chris Brown’s music only, not his manhood.

Source: Pinterest

On another note, there are some who can’t be bothered by the craze. One fan went as far as saying, ‘looking at them is fun. It’s natural after all. What’s the harm in that?’

All in all, it’s a mixed bag of emotions. And whether you hate it or love it, it’s going to be there for a while. So we might as well embrace it. While some have small ones, others are blessed with larger sizes. And after this gruesome alien ordeal, Chris seems to be leaning towards the latter.

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