Both of them are birds.

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Learning Task 1: Identify the meaning of the prefixes below. Write your answers in your notebook. 1. un - again not able full of none again able not 3…. im not again able full of 4. dis - again not full of able 5. mis- not able full of again 2. re​
Processing Questions: Write your answers to the following questions on a clean sheet of paper. Sample responses have been provided as your guide. 1. W…hat do you have in common with a family member? Sample response: Both my father and I enjoy cooking, like chicken adobo and lumpiang gulay. 2. How are you different from your family member? Sample response: My father and I differ in values; I follow my planned schedule in studying while he changes his calendared activities. 2. How do you feel about it? Sample response: I'm happy because I am unique.​
C. Identify the type of social distance in each scene taken from teleserye. Write your answer on the space provided.1. FPJ ANG PROBINSYANO____________…____________________2. THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER________________________________3. ENCANTADIA________________________________4. KARA MIA________________________________5. PANGAKO SAYO________________________________guys pls sagotan niyo ng tama sinulat ko na jan yung mga nasa pic pls i need correct answer pag mali report di ako nag bibiro advance ty sa mga naka sagot ng tama​
How does your knowledge of converting active to passive voice help you in using it in varied context? ​
Learning Task 8: Complete each sentence on the next page with its appropriate word. Write your answers in your notebook.misbehaved , immortal , dishon…est , preheat , return , i dont agree , misguided , can not , incomplete , disobey 1. Timothy forgot to make his project and he got an (blank) _____ grade. 2. Jason (blank) ____ in class that's why his parents were called in the guidance office. 3. Brylle was being ( blank) ____ when he did not tell the truth. 4. Our teacher told us we not to (blank) ____ our elders.5. They(blank)______ some tourist and fooled them. 6. Brianna was sad because she was (blank)_____ to dance for the program.7. Super Heroes lives were (blank) ______ that's why they never get old.8. You can (blank)_____and exchange items in the department store.9. I often (blank) _____ with her ideas but we still understand each other. 10. In baking in the oven, you have to (blank)____ it first.Need ko na po yan sa Fridaythank u po sa makakasagot☺️​
change The Active Voice to passive voice.1 The Psychology Class used Our computer lab.2 his friend borrows his newly acquired car paper.3 fifty people…attented to the party.4 The Accountant sheredded the Unmatched.5 Prints and crafts Realesed our graduation album last Friday Afternoon.​ Plssss pasagot.

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