I've seen girls do this, mostly during middle school and early high school. I've only been kicked in the balls twice. First time was from my sister, I used to annoy the hell out of her as kids. Second time was from a girl I had a crush on during middle school. I slapped her butt one day, she returned the favor by kicking my balls and laughing. We were dating at the time but I guess she felt like kicking me. Was just curious if most girls did this growing or not.

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I know answers have been relatively split on both ways. I obviously agree it should only be done in self defense now. But do you think i deserved the ball kicks I got (slapping girlfriend butt and annoying my sister)? In other words would you have done the same at that age?

Yes I have kicked 3 guys in the balls, actually. Now why? Because one bullied me for my depression as a teenager, the other made fun of me because I couldn't ever catch onto certain things easily (side effects of medications I was on for depression), and the other guy yanked my hair and ripped a huge chunk of it out

Definitely lol. I play a lot of sports and have a younger brother so it's happened. The leg just comes up and he's standing there. Soccer is prime example

Yes. I'm a black belt in karate and when I was in the academy learning, I always kicked my opponents in the crotch.

hell yes still do the guy who sits next to me pissed me off all the time i hit and kick him and he returns the favour we leave with bruises

I have before, I was pissed off. I have also hit guys in the balls too, in a joking way, like I hit my boyfriend in the balls lightly
I have kicked plenty of guys in the nuts and it is not just a part of growing up , but if someone , brother , classmate annoys you , touches you etc it is the right thing to do. Guys are stringer than girls so it is the only equalizer. Boys either fought it out or fall in their knees but never get hurt. It only causes them a few minutes of pain.
I've kneed a guy in the balls for feeling on my butt, and in this case we were not dating. That is the only time I've abused that area. I do think this should be done for self defense only
I know i did once in primary when there was this one boy who was being a jerk to my friend. And i have threatened it to my boyfriend as a joke when he said something i found a bit too over the top.

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Haha yeah i hit my brother in the balls a lot. He quickly got used to it! I'm 16 and he's 14 and i must have hit him hundreds of times over the years haha! His reactions are just so funny when I hit him in the nuts, the way he groans, falls to the floor (sometimes quickly and sometimes he kinda sinks really slowly to the floor) then how he curls up on the floor clutching at his nuts haha!