******************************************************************************NEW GEM CLASSES (PERFECT AND DIVINE)******************************************************************************Alright, for those of you who have played the last two installments of Fate, you should be familiar with the three original gem classes: Cracked, *Standard*, and Superior. (For those wondering, *Standard* is my way of referring to the gems that don"t have a class name, like Cracked or Superior, e.g. Cracked Ruby, Ruby, Superior Ruby) However, in Fate: The Traitor Soul, there are two new classes: Perfect and Divine. There really isn"t anything super special about the Perfect class, but the Divine class is practically a whole new category.Think about it this way, you know of the Artifact/Unique Gemstones, such as the Secret of the Master, and how it"s highlighted in yellow in your inventory? Also, you know how the standard gemstones such as Peridot are highlighted in pink? Well, the Perfect-class gems are the same as the Cracked, *Standard*, and Superior gems, highlighted with pink. However, the Divine-class gems are highlighted with yellow, signifying that they are in fact the most powerful classes of gemstones, and are classified as Artifacts.So, in "Layman"s Terms," the Divine-class gems are considered Artifacts, andtherefore are quite rare and pretty dang difficult to find. Make sense? Good, now follow along!*NOTE* It"s something kinda interesting to note, that there are only 68 gemsin the original Fate and Fate: Undiscovered Realms, but there are 148 gems inthis game! In the first two games, there are 15 standard gems, with threedifferent classes, and 23 unique gems. 15*3=45 45+23=68 In the third game,there are 25 standard gems, and the same 23 unique gems. Count in the twoadditional classes, and you get: 25*5=125 125+23=148******************************************************************************RETURNING GEMS (WITH NEW CLASS STATS AS WELL)******************************************************************************These Gems are the originals, from Fate and Fate: Undiscovered Realms.However, I"m including the new class stats as well.Amethyst, Cracked: +2 HP RecoveryAmethyst: +6 HP RecoveryAmethyst, Superior: +10 HP RecoveryAmethyst, Perfect: +14 HP RecoveryAmethyst, Divine: +18 HP RecoveryBloodstone, Cracked: +2 Damage DealtBloodstone +6 Damage DealtBloodstone, Superior: +10 Damage DealtBloodstone, Perfect: +14 Damage DealtBloodstone, Divine: +18 Damage DealtJade, Cracked: +5% Attack SpeedJade: +10% Attack SpeedJade, Superior: +15% Attack SpeedJade, Perfect: +20% Attack SpeedJade, Divine: +25% Attack SpeedLapis, Cracked: +3% Faster Casting SpeedLapis: +7% Faster Casting SpeedLapis, Superior: +10% Faster Casting SpeedLapis, Perfect: +15% Faster Casting SpeedLapis, Divine: +20% Faster Casting SpeedObsidian, Cracked: +1 KnockbackObsidian: +2 KnockbackObsidian, Superior: +4 KnockbackObsidian, Perfect: +6 KnockbackObsidian, Divine: +7 KnockbackOpal, Cracked: +8 Ice Resistance, +2 Ice DamageOpal: +24 Ice Resistance, +6 Ice DamageOpal, Superior: +40 Ice Resistance, +10 Ice DamageOpal, Perfect: +56 Ice Resistance, +14 Ice DamageOpal, Divine: +72 Ice Resistance, +18 Ice DamagePeridot, Cracked: +1% Life StolenPeridot: +3% Life StolenPeridot, Superior: +6% Life StolenPeridot, Perfect: +9% Life StolenPeridot, Divine: +12% Life StolenRuby, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Fire DamageRuby: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Fire DamageRuby, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Fire DamageRuby, Perfect: +56 Fire Resistance, +14 Fire DamageRuby, Divine: +72 Fire Resistance, +18 Fire DamageSapphire, Cracked: +2 Mana RecoverySapphire: +6 Mana RecoverySapphire, Superior: +10 Mana RecoverySapphire, Perfect: +14 Mana RecoverySapphire, Divine: +18 Mana RecoverySunstone, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Undead DamageSunstone: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Undead DamageSunstone, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Undead DamageSunstone, Perfect: +56 Fire Resistance, +14 Undead DamageSunstone, Divine: +72 Fire Resistance, +18 Undead DamageTanzanite, Cracked: +2 StaminaTanzanite: +6 StaminaTanzanite, Superior: +10 StaminaTanzanite, Perfect: +14 StaminaTanzanite, Divine: +18 StaminaTopaz, Cracked: +2% AttackTopaz: +6% AttackTopaz, Superior: +10% AttackTopaz, Perfect: +14% AttackTopaz, Divine: +18% AttackTourmaline, Cracked: +3% Damage ReflectionTourmaline: +6% Damage ReflectionTourmaline, Superior: +10% Damage ReflectionTourmaline, Perfect: +15% Damage ReflectionTourmaline, Divine: +20% Damage ReflectionTurquoise, Cracked: +8 Electrical Resistance, +2 Electrical DamageTurquoise: +24 Electrical Resistance, +6 Electrical DamageTurquoise, Superior: +40 Electrical Resistance, +10 Electrical DamageTurquoise, Perfect: +56 Electrical Resistance, +14 Electrical DamageTurquoise, Divine: +72 Electrical Resistance, +18 Electrical DamageZircon, Cracked: +5% Find Magical ItemZircon: +10% Find Magical ItemZircon, Superior: +15% Find Magical ItemZircon, Perfect: +20% Find Magical ItemZircon, Divine: +25% Find Magical Item******************************************************************************UNIQUE GEMS******************************************************************************These gems are their own class, the Unique Class.Adamantine Bauble:+12% Crushing Resistance Bonus+7% Damage Taken Resistance BonusAndrew Swift"s Turquoise Eye:+10% Movement Speed Bonus+20% Electrical Resistance BonusAngel Heart:+12% Life Bonus+4 HP Recovery Bonus-10 Attack PenaltyAvaricious Pearl:+20% More Gold Dropped Bonus+40% Chance of Finding Magical Item BonusBeast Heart:+12% Attack Bonus+2 HP Recovery Bonus+5% Critical BonusCovetous Heart:+12% Finding Magic Items Bonus+5% Reduced Item Requirements BonusThe Daystar:+48 Fire Resistance+12 Damage to Undead Bonus-3 Mana Drain Penalty+3 KnockbackDemonocchio:+7% Life Stolen Per Hit Bonus+7 Attack Magic Skill BonusDwarf"s Delight:+25% More Gold Dropped By Enemies Bonus+6 Hammer Skill BonusEmpire Stone:+5% Strength Bonus+5% Dexterity Bonus+5% Vitality BonusEye of the Serpent:+12% Mana Stolen Per Hit Bonus+10% Mana Recover Bonus+5% Movement Speed PenaltyFist of Samson:+7% Damage Dealt Bonus+10 Strength Bonus-10 Magic PenaltyGem of Ages:+30% Fire Resistance Bonus+30% Ice Resistance BonusGem of False Hopes:No Enchantments!Hadrian’s Crystal:+20 Attack Bonus+5 Polearm Skill Bonus+5 Damage Taken Reduced BonusPhilosopher’s Stone:+5 Magic Bonus+5% Mana Bonus+5% Stamina PenaltySalt of the Earth:+30% Electrical Resistance Bonus+5 Vitality BonusSecret of the Master:+5 Dual-Wielding Skill Bonus+7% Attack Bonus+3 Defense PenaltyStar Sapphire of Ages:+9 Mana Recovery Bonus+5 Defense Magic Skill BonusTrickster"s Bauble:+9% Attack Speed+9% Damage Reflected to Enemy BonusWatcher of the Stars:+7% Improved Chance of Block Bonus+5 Defence Magic Skill BonusWicked Edge:+7 Axe Skill Bonus+10% Damage Dealt Bonus+10% Life PenaltyWinter’s Moon:+9% Mana Bonus+5 Charm Magic Bonus******************************************************************************NEW GEMS******************************************************************************These Gems are new to Fate: The Traitor Soul. I"d have to say that some of these gems were wished for by previous Fate Players, because of what they do,such as the Malachite. Well, I know that I wanted the Malachite, ^O^Agate, Cracked: +1% to All ResistancesAgate: +2% to All ResistancesAgate, Superior: +3% to All ResistancesAgate, Perfect: +4% to All ResistancesAgate, Divine: +5% to All ResistancesAmber, Cracked: +2 HPAmber: +6 HPAmber, Superior: +10 HPAmber, Perfect: +14 HPAmber, Divine: +18 HPAquamarine, Cracked: +1% StrengthAquamarine: +3% StrengthAquamarine, Superior: +6% StrengthAquamarine, Perfect: +9% StrengthAquamarine, Divine: +12% StrengthDiamond, Cracked: +1 to All SkillsDiamond: +2 to All SkillsDiamond, Superior: +3 to All SkillsDiamond, Perfect: +4 to All SkillsDiamond, Divine: +5 to All SkillsEmerald, Cracked: +5% Chance to PoisonEmerald: +10% Chance to PoisonEmerald, Superior: +15% Chance to PoisonEmerald, Perfect: +20% Chance to PoisonEmerald, Divine: +25% Chance to PoisonGarnet, Cracked: +1% VitalityGarnet: +3% VitalityGarnet, Superior: +6% VitalityGarnet, Perfect: +9% VitalityGarnet, Divine: +12% VitalityMalachite, Cracked: +2 Stamina RechargeMalachite: +6 Stamina RechargeMalachite, Superior: +10 Stamina RechargeMalachite, Perfect: +14 Stamina RechargeMalachite, Divine: +18 Stamina RechargeMoonstone, Cracked: +2 ManaMoonstone: +6 ManaMoonstone, Superior: +10 ManaMoonstone, Perfect: +14 ManaMoonstone, Divine: +18 ManaPearl, Cracked: +1% DexterityPearl: +3% DexterityPearl, Superior: +6% DexterityPearl, Perfect: +9% DexterityPearl, Divine: +12% DexterityRhodonite, Cracked: +1% Reduced Item RequirementsRhodonite: +2% Reduced Item RequirementsRhodonite, Superior: +3% Reduced Item RequirementsRhodonite, Perfect: +4% Reduced Item RequirementsRhodonite, Divine: +5% Reduced Item Requirements******************************************************************************CONCLUSION******************************************************************************Well, I"d say that my work is done here, for now.

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I have listed every singlegem possible in the game, in every single class, with every single statupgrade. I would like to send out thanks to MrGruntok (Mike Walter) for thelayout, as I did mimic the layout of his Gem Guide for the original Fate game.If you have any questions, feel free to email me at gods_warrior12007