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1 At the beginning of the movie, Kathleen"s boyfriend, Frank, is talking about one state"s work force strike. What state was this?
Answer: Virginia Frank is disgusted at the fact that the "entire work force of the state of Virginia had to have Solitaire removed from their computers because they hadn"t done any work in six weeks." He goes on to say to Kathleen that this is the end of western civilization as they know it.
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Answer: Vince Patricia, Joe Fox"s girlfriend, says this while she is rushing around the apartment she shares with Joe, the first day the movie shows. She works at a publishing company and Vince, a writer, just got an excellent review of his new book.
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3 "I like to start my _____ to you as if we"re already in the middle of a conversation. I ______ that we"re the oldest and dearest friends - as opposed to what we actually are, people who don"t know each other"s names and met in a _____ room, where we both claimed we"d never been before."

Answer: notes, pretend, chat This is when "shopgirl" is typing one of her first emails to "NY152". Kathleen was writing these e-mails to "NY152" behind her boyfriend"s back.
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Answer: aunt You hear this in Kathleen"s store when Joe is introducing Matt and Annabell to Kathleen.

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Answer: solitaire My aunt also removed this from her computer because she got so addicted she always forgot to make dinner for her family.
Answer: 18 In his first email to Kathleen, Joe starts by telling her about his dog, Brinkley. He reveals to her that Brinkley likes the streets of New York as much as he does, "although he likes to eat bits of pizza and bagel off the sidewalk, and I prefer to buy them." He says that Brinkley is a great catcher who was offered a tryout for the Mets farm team, but chose to stay with Joe so he could spend "eighteen hours a day sleeping on a large green pillow, the size of an inner tube."