People inevitably ask, “will drinking cranberry juice help pass a drug test?” They find ways to do this, and several individuals are looking for products that would help them pass the test. That’s why they try natural diuretics such as green tea detox or even cranberry juice. They also try Azul tea or even aspirin. When you go to pharmacies, you can see a lot of stuff that would help in drug detox.

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If you’ve been dependent or have been using alcohol, marijuana, pot, or other drugs and you’re applying for a job, or it’s a legal requirement, then you’re in the right place as we’ll show two different methods that you can try, specifically cranberry juice cleanse and Palo Azul drug test detox. But to make sure, have ample time to try the methods before the actual test to make sure you’ll succeed.


What about using Azo Cranberry Pills?

Azo cranberry pills are also a choice for body detox. Taking cranberry pills to pass drug test is an option you may try. Although, cranberry pills detox works better than the juice if you want to stay away from UTI. However, if anyone is wondering if it also works with detox, then that’s another question. There has been no significant research that answers this question.

How To Use Azo Cranberry Pills to Cleanse Your Body?

You can opt to buy Azo cranberry pills from a store or a pharmacy. The safest dosage to take daily is not to have more than four pills. You should take water as you have it too. Also, drinking a liter of water is advisable but it should exceed one liter at a time. The salicylic acid that’s contained in the Azo cranberry pills can accelerate the detox process, but at the same time should not exceed the recommended dosage.

Pros and Cons of Cranberry Pills Detox


1. Easy and cheap.

2. It is safe to use.

3. Can be used to fight UTI.

4. It contains Salicylic Acid that can work as a drug-masking agent.


1. This gives an orange tint to the urine that might cause for tampering.

2. Not accurately 100% detox to beat drug test.

3. Needed additional electrolytes and taking lots of water as a diuretic. It can’t be used on its own.

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Whether you’re using Palo Azul tea, cranberry juice, or taking Azo cranberry pills for beating drug tests or lab tests, the important thing is you stay away from using any substances if you’ll know that it’s vital for your profession. There is no accurate scientific research that could prove any of these products’ accuracy, but giving them a try will not hurt either.