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Pokémon General Pokemon General Poll # 17 - Confusing Pokemon Anatomy? Page 2 Started by Miss Doronjo August 18th, 2011 3:11 PM
I just found out that the "pink nose" on Diglett is actually a mouth, the white spec on him is actually a tooth. If you look at the "spec" you"ll notice that it fits as a mouth. He looks cuter without a nose, I prefer the mouth and tooth thing.

Can"t unsee. o___OIf only there wasn"t a shadow underneath, then it would be possibly one of the cutest Pokémon ever!

Sydian PokéCommunity Supporter Crystal Tier Also Known As al, syd, alolandugtrios Moderator

fake your death.

OMG. -checks the Dugtrio I"m raising on FR- I think it applies there too. Diglett is cute knowing that, but Dugtrio looks like derpy hillbillies. lol

Amusing observation, but, "actually"? No — look at other official artwork, such as this, and the original TCG picture. It"s a protuberance.That said, I can"t necessarily see it as a nose either.

I don"t always make signatures, but when I do, I reference memes in them. - That new guy.

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Just searched the web for whether it"s a mouth or nose after first seeing this, and it appears many people have been asking (and debating) whether it"s a nose or mouth.It"s clearly a nose, considering the shadow underneath, and the white spot is a reflection of light. (I always thought it as a nose from the moment I first saw Diglett.) Its mouth is hidden under the nose.
yea its definitely a nose. or that tooth wouldve had to been darker. and why 1 tooth off to the side? not in the middle? its the reflection of the light
I guess not a whole lot of people remember the Diglett episode in the first season. It"s always been a nose to me without any second thoughts. I can recall how Diglett moves in Pokemon Stadium. What I think is a nose, wiggled a lot sooo.... I"ll just use this as a confirmation. Also, search for "Diglett Flying" on Youtube. :>whaaaaaat? it"s cute.
Yeah its a nose not a mouth lol, I"d prefer it to be the nose anyway, if it was a mouth, it would look weird to me in my opinion.
The pink thing on Diglett is clearly a nose. If it had a mouth, then it"s not visible; it"s probably hidden underneath its fur.
vaporeon7 PokéCommunity Supporter Crystal Tier Also Known As Vapor, Aaron, Vappy

My life would suck without you

It is clearly a nose, on the dream world art and on other pictures the light spot reflection is a light pink, not white.I"d imagine its nose is hidden at the bottom of the nose.
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Shining Raichu PokéCommunity Supporter Platinum Tier Also Known As Andy

Expect me like you expect Jesus.

Oh my God, I always just assumed it was a nose but now that I look at it it does work both ways! That"s some clever designing there.

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