Oh, so there"s some event where you do a review and then you might win stuff? I can do a review, and I like winning stuff. So here I am, for #LACEvent. Today, I"m going to be reviewing Do Me A Solid, a season 2 episode of Regular Show.

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I suppose I should start off by stating that I don"t like Regular Show. I don"t think it"s poorly made, it"s just not my cup of tea personally. I"ve watched about 7 episodes, and the only one I can really say I kind of liked was "Best Burgers In The World". And I think a lot of my problem is the characters. A few of them are okay (I don"t mind Benson, Pops, and Eileen), but the rest range from boring (Margaret), to annoying (Muscle Man and Mordecai), to RIGBY. Oh my God, I hate Rigby. Aside from just generally annoying me, he never really seems to get punishment for things he does wrong. For example, in Meat Your Maker, he ruins a bunch of hot dogs while trying to grill them (after being SPECIFICALLY TOLD NOT TO GRILL THEM), then replaced them with a bunch of sentient hot dogs that end up trying to kill everyone. And how does this episode get resolved? After defeating the hot dogs, Rigby and Mordecai claim that they were the hot dogs Benson had bought, and everyone then gets mad at Benson for buying murderous hot dogs. So let me get this straight: Rigby does something he"s not supposed to, makes the situation worse while trying to fix it, nearly causes everyone to DIE as a result of his actions, and then Benson is the one that gets in trouble for it? I can generally look past it if a character doesn"t really get adequate consequences for their actions, but how is it fair for a character who did nothing wrong to get in trouble for something someone else did?


But of the episodes I"ve seen, Do Me A Solid is the worst one. And, by no coincidence, Rigby is also the main problem here too. In this one, nobody gets in trouble for his actions, but his actions are MUCH worse, not to mention some other minor problems with the episode. So let"s pick apart Do Me A Solid, and see where it took a wrong turn into the mystical and magical land of complete crap.


The episode begins with Mordecai and Rigby asking each other to "do a solid" and help them with something small. This ranges from pulling out chairs to fluffing cushions. And the first minute is basically just this, with the episode establishing that when you do a solid for someone, you owe them a solid. Mordecai and Rigby then run into Skips and Pops, and ask if they can do them a solid and cover their shift at the snack bar. Skips, however, tells them not to abuse the power of the solid, as bad things will happen, so Mordecai just asks them to pretend they didn"t see him and Rigby, and they leave.


At this point, Mordecai and Rigby go to the coffee shop, where Eileen is on her shift. Eileen asks Rigby if he"d like to go to mini golf, but Rigby, not being interested in Eileen, claims he"s busy. Eileen mentions that she didn"t mean as a date, and was thinking that Margaret and Mordecai could also come, before walking away embarrassed.


This is where the episode is finally done with establishing, and gets to the meat of the plot. Mordecai asks Rigby to do him a solid (remember the solid part, I"ll be bringing it up later) and agree to go with Eileen, so that he can go with Margaret. They argue for a while, but Rigby then claims that if he does this, Mordecai should owe him TEN solids, rather than just one. Mordecai is hesitant, but agrees to the deal, and Rigby tells Eileen they can come with her.

Alright, I know what you"re thinking: What"s so bad about this episode? It seems pretty good so far. And, okay, it hasn"t done anything wrong at this point, but it really hasn"t done much good either. But this is where things go off the deep end. The next scene we see shows Eileen and Margaret meeting Mordecai and Rigby, at which point Mordecai suggests that after the game they could go get dinner and see a movie. Eileen and Margaret are interested, and everyone gets in the car. Margaret is driving, and Mordecai is about to get in the passenger seat, when Rigby uses his first solid to get Mordecai to sit in the back with Eileen. Dangit Rigby, you really can"t stop being a jerk for one second and let him have the front seat, even if it means having to be next to Eileen? But anyways, we then see Eileen, Margaret, Mordecai and Rigby arriving at the mini golf course, and the four begin to play.

At first, things seem to be going well, but as Margaret is about to take a shot, Rigby uses another solid and makes Mordecai scream for no apparent reason. Mordecai is annoyed, but does it, and messes up the shot. So now we see Rigby"s plan: Using his solids to either annoy/embarrass Mordecai or make Margaret mad at him. This continues for the rest of the night, with Rigby doing things like:

-making Mordecai taste a very hot burrito, which he then spits out all over Margaret

-making Mordecai borrow money from Margaret for popcorn

-making a fart noise and making Mordecai take the heat for it

And yeah, the whole time it"s annoying and really pissed me off. Someone, please explain to me: Is it supposed to be entertaining or funny to see Rigby trying to ruin his best friend"s date? Because it"s not. It"s just annoying and irritating and makes me want to reach into my screen and punch Rigby in the face.


The group heads back to Mordecai and Rigby"s house, where Rigby uses two solids to get Mordecai to go to the snack bar for ice cream sandwiches, leaving him with only one solid left. When he comes back, Rigby has invited High Five Ghost and Muscle Man over, the latter of whom begins to annoy Margaret. Margaret is about to leave, but Eileen and Mordecai convince her to stay. Mordecai then brings Rigby into the kitchen to talk, and asks why he"s trying to ruin his date, to which Rigby replies, I kid you not:

"Why did you use your solid to ruin my life?"

REALLY RIGBY? You are a selfish, stuck up jerk if you think that one night with a girl you don"t like is going to ruin your life. As Mordecai said, "Quit being such a baby!" You"re supposed to be Mordecai"s best friend, so suck it up and stop trying to ruin the date.

Margaret then calls into the kitchen that she"s probably going to leave soon, and Mordecai begs that Rigby uses his last solid before Margaret goes. With an evil look on his face, Rigby whispers something in his ear, and Mordecai immediately refuses. The ground shakes a bit, and Rigby reminds Mordecai that he has to do it because it"s a solid. Mordecai, however, doesn"t listen, and asks Margaret if she wants to see his CD collection. The two begin to head upstairs (with the ground shaking more) with Rigby still telling Mordecai to do the solid. However, when Mordecai still refuses, a large fissure appears in the center of the house, and the ground starts breaking apart.


The ground.

Starts breaking apart.

Because he didn"t do the solid.

Okay, I don"t really have a problem with the pure ridiculousness of that scene, but what I do have a problem with is the fact that, when Rigby refused to do Mordecai a solid at first (you know, at the beginning, when he wants Rigby to agree to the date), nothing like this happened. Yeah, they would"ve had some time before the ground started breaking, and Rigby accepted the solid before that would"ve happened, but the ground should"ve started shaking instantly. Do they explain this plothole? No.

But back to the present: the ground is breaking apart, and Rigby claim it"s because Mordecai didn"t do the solid. Skips, Pops, and Benson show up (Benson? Since when are you a part of this episode? Eh, you"re one of the only characters I like, so I guess you can stay), and Skips tells Mordecai and Rigby that they shouldn"t have abused the power of the solid. Rigby tells Mordecai to do the solid, or else they"ll all die, at which point Mordecai...still refuses to do the solid. JEEZ, and I thought Rigby was bad! Mordecai was seriously willing to let himself, his best friend (his jerk of a best friend, but his best friend nevertheless), a bunch of his other friends, and his crush die just to save himself from a little embarassment? And it wouldn"t even be that embarrassing, since everyone knows that he did it to save them! But then, Margaret tells Mordecai to do the solid, because apparently, that"s what friends do for each other.



Really? Friends manipulate and take advantage of each other because of stupid social protocols, then use said social protocols to purposely spite and annoy the other for stupid reasons, to the point of trying to ruin his chances with his crush? Wow, friendship must really suck.

(Seriously though, if that"s supposed to be the moral or message of the episode, then they REALLY screwed up somewhere along the line. If your friendship works like Mordecai and Rigby"s does in this episode, I think you need a new friend)

Anyways, this then convinces Mordecai to do the solid. We don"t get to see what it was, nor does anyone say what it was, but all we know is that it involves Mordecai standing in front of everyone, crouching down, and making a bunch of weird noises. Also, Rigby (being the complete dirtbag that he is) then feels the need to video tape whatever incredibly embarrassing thing Mordecai is doing.

I don"t know why, but I find something purely hilarious about this screenshot.

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After this, we cut to the next day, where everything is back to normal, and Rigby is watching the video tape again with Pops, Muscle Man and High Five Ghost. Mordecai is about to go to the arcade, and Rigby asks if he can come along, and Mordecai tells him he can"t, because he doesn"t want to be around a jerk like Rigby, and that he"s done hanging out with him. And you know what? Rigby deserves this. He"s been nothing but a completely selfish, obnoxious, annoying, whiny dirtbag for the entire episode. If Mordecai wasn"t being so selfish and completely idiotic in the last scene, and if the last 9 minutes of my life hadn"t completely sucked, I"d actually be happy about this moment. But then, Rigby pretends that Mordecai had told him to do a solid earlier and break the tape, and does. Mordecai, realizing Rigby"s attempt at apologizing, then asks him to go with him to the arcade. Alright, credit where it"s due, this was a decent way to end the episode. Does it really make up for what Rigby does throughout the episode? No, not really. Rigby is still a dirtbag, and a pretty crappy friend, but at least he does get somewhat redeemed.

However, this episode is still annoying, unfunny, makes the two main characters into selfish, petty jerks (especially Rigby), and my God, it takes TALENT to mess up a moral that bad. Could it have been salvaged? Hmm...honestly, I don"t really think so. In order to do a plot like this, you kind of have to make one of the main characters really hateable. And yeah, inevitably that makes for a pretty unenjoyable episode. So, no, I"m not sure they could"ve done this any better. On the bright side, it probably could"ve been worse. At least the ending was okay. Overall, my final rating for this episode is an "Owing Rigby Ten Solids"/10. Or a 3/10 if you want a more understandable score. Thanks for reading. If you"ve seen this episode, let me know in the comments what you thought of it. And if you"re from the LAC, PLZPLZPLZPICKMETOWINTHANKYOUILOVEYOU