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27th September 2011, 10:47


I switched due to more options in the 215 size. 215 and 225s both fit the stock 17x7 wheel nicely, and although 235s are used on the cup cars, its widely discouraged on the board to do so without upgrading to a wider wheel.

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Downside? Taller sidewall, more flex, comfortable but at the price of small handling difference..changes speedo and odometer about 1%, probably a heavier tire, stock RE050 is about 19lbs, larger size may be upwards of 23lbs increase unsprung wt of tire wheel? Mazda must have chosen the size for a reason? Just some thoughts.
if thats what i meant, i would have said it, was just wondering what their thinking is....they are the engineers and bean counters, cost, appeal, sales, performance, they could have easily choosen a different size tire?
Done properly, he can go to the 215s and not suffer any adverse side effects. OP, You"re actually adding only 4.5 mm of sidewall height. 10mm of width.

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I recently put new 17x8" wheels and 215/45 tires on my NC. Certainly that tire could fit on 7" or 7.5" wheels and 225 /45 tires could fit the new 8" wheels. In the end, my primary considerations were to not increase the overall diameter(gearing) that much from stock, and I wanted to keep unsprung weight and roatational inertia as low as I could with the wheel/tire combo I selected (Enkei PF01 + Continental Extreme Contact DW). This combo did that for me and I actually saved about 3.5 pounds per wheel over stock. The 215 tires are very slightly "stretched" on the 8" wheels but the rim protective tire ridge still sticks out from the wheel and the tires look pretty fat. Sidewall support seems excellent as does grip. I"m very pleased with this setup.If I was simply replacing tires on stock rims, I think I"d choose the 215/45 over either 205 or 225...........in fact, that"s what I was going to do before I decided to get new wheels too.