Beloved actor, singer, and dancer Dick Van Dyke turned 95 this year and hasn’t missed a beat. The lanky pratfall comedian who professes to have stolen most of his physical comedy from his heroes Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy danced and fell his way into the hearts of American families in the 1960s with TV co-star Marilyn Monroe.

His optimism and sunny outlook on life have received renewed attention from a new generation of fans looking toward an uncertain future.

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Dick Van Dyke | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

While his iconic tumbles and comedic antics may be relegated to YouTube history, the notoriously upbeat performer refuses to retire or act his age. His only promise is to keep moving, and so he has.

At 95, Van Dyke is still singing and dancing

With no plans to stop singing or dancing for anybody willing to be entertained, Van Dyke does insist he plans to continue until he reaches 100. While he was cloistered at home for much of the last year and a half, he is looking forward to getting back out and performing with his vocal group Vantastix.

And even though most of his dancing is now impromptu on marble hotel lobby floors or at the grocery store, Van Dyke did his own dance routines in the 2018 movie, Mary Poppins Returns. When asked about the routine where he jumps up onto a desk, Van Dyke says that was all him with no special effects.

In fact, he was offered three different versions of the dance and he chose the most difficult in order to prove to himself that he still could. He offers this up as inspiration to anyone willing to listen. Just keep singing and dancing in life and the rest will follow. Even if you can’t sing, it doesn’t matter, just do it and you’ll feel great!

‘WandaVision’ taps Van Dyke for advice

Another recent foray into the world of entertainment for Van Dyke came with the launch of the recently acclaimed series WandaVision, launched in January of 2021. The first episode of WandaVision opens with a black and white scene reminiscent of the Dick Van Dyke Show.

This homage to one of television’s most treasured early sitcoms was not only a way of honoring Van Dyke’s work, but they also called upon the actor to extoll any advice he had for the production. His recommendation was to keep the situations believable so there would be no limit to the antics and to use a live audience.

They took his advice and actor Kathryn Hahn recalls the incredible intensity of shooting live without added laugh tracks made this one of the most memorable moments in the entire series. Everything was shot with original clothing, cameras, and lighting to recreate the feel of the original black and white sitcoms, to great effect. 

Van Dyke has not suffered from the fate of so many fellow actors who live well into their old age. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his current net worth is estimated to be approximately $50 million, meaning he definitely never has to work again, however unlikely the prospect may be.

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Van Dyke receives Kennedy Center Honors

The 43rd Kennedy Center Honors took place in June of this year andVan Dyke was among the honorees celebrated for their life’s work.Van Dyke’s career has spanned more than six decades, taking off with his big break in Bye Bye Birdie in 1960 alongside Chita Rivera and culminating in perhaps his most famous role as the cockney chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.

Reflecting on some of the highlights of receiving such an exclusive and prestigious award, Van Dyke recounted his Oval Office meeting with President Biden.

According to The Hill, Biden got down on one knee as a comedic gesture of respect for the actor, much to the enjoyment of Van Dyke, who exclaimed that he would now expect this kind of reception from everyone.

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