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Here you"re going to find some really cool board games that start with C - as in the third letter of the alphabet. There"s probably way more than you realized.



Classic 2 player game where each player is in control of a number of pieces.Each type of piece has a set of different moves that they are able to make.Players take turns trying to capture their opponent’s king to prevent them from escaping.As players move, they have to vary between attacking their opponent and defending themselves from attack.There are many types of strategy that are used with this game, although it’s easy for new players to pick up since the rules are basic and make a lot of sense.As players lose their pieces they have to decide on a different strategy in order to try to win.


Perfect for 2 to 8+ players.One player is the spy master and knows the location of the different secret agents for each player or team.The players have to try to figure out where their secret agents are located without accidentally contacting their opponent’s agents, talking to a civilian, or meeting the assassin.The spy master provides clues to the players as to the code names of their secret agents.As players guess which agent is theirs, their real identity is revealed.Players alternate taking turns, but they need to pay attention while their opponent plays in order to try to find their own agents.


Players have to work to create their own castle while still making sure that the one that they build will meet the needs and desires of the king.While players are busy building and buying tiles from other players, they also have to price the tiles that they have for sale so that they can turn a profit and purchase more tiles.There are 12 different shaped and sized rooms to choose from.Players must follow the plan of the king to better their chances of winning.All castles tell a story and show their floorplan when finished and seen from above.


While easy to learn, checkers has a lot of strategy involved, which makes it a good game for younger players to enjoy and older players to try to master.Game is designed for 2 players, and each one tries to capture all of the discs that the other player controls.By moving forward and jumping over their opponent’s discs, players can win the game.When a disc gets to the other side of the board then it becomes “crowned” and is able to travel both forwards and backwards on the board.Taking multiple discs at once is possible and encouraged through a series of jumps.
Designed for 2 to 4 players who are taking the roles of leaders who are charged with protecting and growing their historical civilizations.Each player has his or her own set of abilities and will be able to use those abilities to their advantage when improving their civilization.The game board is modular, which means that gameplay is different each time the game is enjoyed.Players have to research technology, fight battles, attract leaders to their communities, and still manage to improve their buildings and their cities.Each player begins the game with just a scout, army figure, and city, and must fight their way to the top from there.
Perfect for just 1 player, although up to 4 can play.Designed to be easily understood and enjoyed by players who are as young as 8.Players have to lay the tiles in the game in order to rebuild the kingdom and create castles.The tiles are all high-quality, thick, and beautifully designed.Players can rearrange their tiles at any point during the game, which is great for younger players.Great game for multiple different ages to play.Includes 80 castle tiles, 4 character figures, 4 grass tiles, and a sand timer to make keeping track of gameplay easier than ever.
Classic game in which 2 to 6 players try to figure out who is the murderer at a dinner party.By deductive reasoning and slowly weeding out the possibility of different murderers, murder weapons, and murder locations, players can try to answer who, where, and with what.Turn based play keeps the game moving smoothly, but players need to be constantly aware, while others take turns so that they can try to eliminate certain suspects from the murder.As players move across the gameboard, they are moving through a mansion in the search of answers to their questions.Through careful note-taking and strategy, players can solve the murder.
Each player is in charge of a group of 6 pirates and has to work hard to help them all escape through underground passages.Pirates can only move when a player plays a card from their hand, matching the symbol on their card to the spot ahead of the pirate where they will move.It’s easy to run out of cards, and only by moving pirates backwards will players be able to get more cards.Through strategy and cunning, players will learn how to plan ahead for moving their pirates backwards so that they can get the additional cards that they need.
A group of up to 8 players have to place bets on racing camels and try to decide which ones will come in first and second.The faster you are able to place a bet, the better the chances of winning, as long as the bet was correct.The movements and speed of the camels is determined by the roll of a dice.Dice are released once players have all placed their bets.With an attractive board game design, engraved dice, and multiple game modes, this game is attractive and interesting.Features such as camels running the wrong way keep players constantly guessing what is going to happen next in the game.
Players have to work together to build a castle.Since all players have an identical deck of cards, this game takes a lot of strategy and skill, but not very much luck.All castle pieces are durable and interlocking, which means that the game is sturdy and won’t easily fall apart.2 players take around 45 minutes to play the game.As there is no competition, this is a great game for players to enjoy when they need to work on cooperation or are more interested in focusing on the strategy of a game.
Each player is in charge of his or her own gang consisting of 4 thieves and is in battle with opponents to try to gain the most treasure from various chests that are on the board.Players can work to try to not only gain treasure from the chests, but also to backstab each other and steal treasure that their opponents have worked so hard to get.While players may feel confident about their ability to win when they have a lot of treasure, it makes them a target for their opponents, and they will need to be able to protect their loot.There’s an option for players to target their opponents or the chests in a bid to gain all of the loot.Players must be willing to battle each other in order to win.
At the start of the game, each player has 5 character roles that they have to randomly choose, and since each character has a unique power, this will set the tone for the game.As the game progresses, players have to use the deck to improve their chances for luck, deduction, bluffing, and negotiation.The fast rues are easy to understand and ensure that the game plays quickly and stays interesting.The cards are high-quality and feature incredible artwork.Each player uses the actions of the characters in their hands to try to gain influence throughout the game, get the most income, and force other players to lose cards from their hands.
As an ambitious merchant, each player has to try to become the most successful business owner in the city.Players have to compete against each other, try to earn renown, and establish viable trade in order to win.Fame is measured by the expansion of a trade district while still being able to manage deliveries.Between 2 to 5 players have to try to manage their resources, trade with each other, and understand the economy.The game lasts for 1 to 2 hours, and while the rules are intuitive, players have to have a strategy.The tiles are all in Latin, making the game language independent.
By ruling a Roman dynasty, players develop their own trade, try to appease gods, and send colonists to remote areas of the world.This is a strategy game that is very peaceful and focuses on economic development.Rather than using dice or cards, players must have a strategy in mind for how they want to win.It’s important to produce certain goods that can be used to improve chances of winning.All players get more cards throughout the game, which are used to allow actions during the game and to turn in for victory points when the game is over.

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