Green bean is a wonderful vegetable that offers an array of nutrients and minerals. Vitamin B and beta carotene can be gained by the consumption of this green vegetable. When it comes to feeding your pet bearded dragon, you may need to think and search for the green vegetables which will be beneficial for it.

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Green beans are also known as string beans and they are one of the most available greens around any area. Bearded dragons can have green beans inadequate amount, but those should be free from any pesticide and chopped into small pieces.


Can you offer canned green beans to your bearded dragon?

No, canned foods are not suitable to feed any pet. Canned beans will contain some amount of preservative and salt which is not good for the digestive system of the bearded dragon. So only fresh and washed green beans should be fed to your bearded dragon.

If you plan to offer frozen green beans, then you can do that, occasionally. However, frozen beans should be thawed properly before offering them to the bearded dragon. If the beans do not come to normal condition, the bearded dragon would refuse to eat those.


Why not all vegetables can be fed to a bearded dragon?

Most of the items that are good for us humans are not helpful for the digestive system of the bearded dragon. Also, the calcium-phosphorus ratio does not remain in proper order in several vegetables and that can cause severe harm to the system of the bearded dragon. But green bean is one such vegetable that can be safely fed to your bearded dragon.

How can you prepare green beans ready for your bearded dragons?

Green beans are the source of various nutrients but not always the bearded dragons love to eat them. So you should cut them into small pieces and mix them in a bowl of different vegetables and fruits which are loved by the bearded dragons.

The look and smell of green beans will be hidden under the aroma of various other ingredients in the platter, and that is how your bearded dragon can be fed green beans.

Can you feed your bearded dragon any green vegetables?

This is not exactly the situation. You cannot feed your bearded dragon many green vegetables, which we have listed below.

Lettuce should never be part of the diet of your pet bearded dragon. This green leafy vegetable does not contain any helpful nutrients for the bearded dragon.

Do not try to feed the greens directly from your kitchen garden. You may think that those are organic and will do much good to your bearded dragon. But in most cases, the greens contain lots of pesticides that you apply to your plants to keep them pest-free and healthy.

Also, the chemical fertilizers often remain on the leaves or vegetables, and the bearded dragon can intake them while eating the green vegetables direct from the kitchen garden. You can keep the vegetables drowned in warm water for a few hours and then can offer them to your pet. This way you can keep your bearded dragon healthy and safe.

Do not offer the greens in the form it is available. This will not do any good to the bearded dragon, and most commonly it will not eat the green.

Bearded dragons cannot eat any food that is not sized or chopped according to the size of their mouth. So you need to keep the size of the food small and cut or chop it before offering it to the bearded dragon.

There are some vegetables like eggplant, rhubarb, and avocado which contain some elements of allergy. These fruits and vegetables should never be fed to your bearded dragon.

Can you give cooked beans to your bearded dragons?

Yes, you can offer them cooked green beans or offer them the raw ones. The nutrients are all the same and there will be no harm done to them. Bearded dragons are habituated with eating beans in raw form. But if you think of feeding it with some cooked beans, you can do that. See how it reacts to the cooked food.

But when you are cooking make sure to keep it simple.

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Do not add too many spices and stick to steamed green beans. Spices and oils come with some nutrients and ingredients which may not be helpful for the bearded dragon.