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I know that something similar was posted last week but can i hell find it 8O Its not really a question from me but my Hubby as while brushing Rosie he spotted a few white hairs in her arm pit and also a few above the pads on her front paws!I said its nothing to worry about as it can happen in some black breeds ( listen to me lol i havent a clue but it sounded gd when i said it :lol: )Is it what i thought it was and is normal? Thankslea x



Hi Lea, yes it is very normal... many blacks have a few whisps of white hair and usually in the groin or underarm area... two of my girls have these whisps... and one of my black boys has a ring of white around his tail, although totally unseen unless hair is rubbed right back against the line of growth. What is not acceptable is a bold block of white, but a few whisps is not worrying at all

Just to be different my Mandy, yellow, had a few black hairs scattered around her body. It"s nothing at all to worry about, it happens.Regards, John

I think I read somewhere that its just where theres no pigment (a bit like white patches some humans can have on their skin.Basil has a small white patch on his chest and that is accepted as part of the breed standard.He has 1 more stray white hair randomly placed above his eye on his face. I have to say it really bugs me and I have tweezered it once - before realising how bonkers that is :lol:
Sarah and Nellie xMissing our lovely bear Basil278
As they say not at all unusual, Molly doesn"t have any white hair but Nudge had a clump of white on the underside of one foot when she was little. It seems to have gone now.
Spencers got a cluster of about 3 white hairs on the inside of one of his back legs and another cluster in between the pads on one of his front feet!!!As everyone has said - its perfectly normal for them to have a few white hairs here and there!!!
Well i feel such a fool and when you read on you will know why :lol: :lol: We had a lovely walk today as hubby was off work so i went out with rosie alone,we went through a farmers field and got rather muddy.Came home bathed rosie and the white marks above her pads were MUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: How silly do i feel but had to tell you hehe
:lol: :lol: :lol: An easy mistake to make Lea xUnfortunatley Kips hasn"t got white hairs, but she has quite a bit of grey now bless
Joo and Kippa, the best thing that has happened to us x
Hugo"s got a white sploge on his right foreleg from where he had to have a canula put in when he was 10 weeks old, i presume it"s scar tissue. thank god i have no intention of showing him, i"d have to get the old hair dye on it !
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