After reading a magazine letter about bands with numbers in their names, it got me thinking. I wonder just how many bands or artists there actually are with numbers in their names? So I trawled through a few gig guides and new release sections in magazines, and came across quite a lot. All these are genuine bands, groups or solo artists, past or present, dead or alive as far as I"m aware. The grand total of all the numbers added together is at the bottom. Where a band has more than one number in their name both the numbers are included in the grand total, but they are under the section for the first number (e.g. Six By Seven are under the 6 section not the 7 section). Also, I haven"t followed any instructions in the band name (e.g. Double 99 is counted as 99 not 198). If you know of any more then please email me, my address is vicky

You are watching: Bands with numbers in their name wiki Please make sure though that they are genuine bands that you send me. Thanks, and enjoy!0 *Zero Zero*Zero*Less Than Zero*Zero Change*Zero Hour1*One Minute Silence*1X7*One Dove*One*Louchie Lou and Michie One*Oneroot*KRS-One*A1*Phoebe-One*One Night In Heaven*One Day Coma*Oneida*One Hit Wonder*One Style MDV*The One World Orchestra*Tsunami One*One Car Pile-Up*Rank 1*The Only Ones*One Good Lead*One Way System*Cincinnati 1*Onephatdeeva*Day One*One Shot2*U2*A II Z *Boyz II Men*Kill II This*Red 2*2wo Third3*Soul II Soul*Two Pump*Real II Reel*2nd Heat*2AM *H2O *2 Tribes*Dem 2*The 2 Live Crew*Sister2Sister*M2M*Ode Two Joe*Bhang II Rites*2 Unlimited*D2M*Those 2 Girls*2 Pac*Sekond Kuming*Howe II*Two Goal Cushion*Hampton 2.43*3 Colours Red*Three Way Mirror*3 Johns*3 Steps To Nowhere *Funboy 3*Three Man*Mojave3*3 Mile Smile*Alabama 3*3 Dog Night*Section 3*Three Days Old*The Babies Three*The Three O"Clock*World War III *3 Degrees*A3*3rd Echo*Fenboy 34*4 Non Blondes*4 Past Midnight*Soul IV Real*Alphabetical Four*Capitol City Four*Vega 4*Four Letter Word*The Stewart Four*Four Stories High*4ft Fingers*The Four Most*4 Skins*Ted Taylor Four*Four Horsemen*Scott 4*Classics IV *Passage 4 *4 Way Traffic*4 Folk Quartet*Gang Of Four*Fourth Quartet*4 Miles Out5*5ive*Fury Of 5*Fifth Amendment*Nova5*5X*Fifth Element *Fivepenny Piece*Red Nichols And His Five Pennies*MC5*Wes Minster Five*Five Satins*Q5*Red 5*Jurassic 5*Five Star*Jackson 5*The Five Keys*Goldberg 5*Hi Five*Ben Folds Five*The Handsome 5*5 Knuckle Shuffle6*Eve6*6-T"s*Flip Six*Jimmy Durante With Six Hits And A Miss*Motel Six*Six Feet Under*The Dauphine Street Six*Scaramanga Six*Lester Young And The Kansas City Six*Sixpence None The Richer*Six By Seven 7*Sevendust*S Club 7*Shed 7*The Temperance Seven*Seven Of Nine *Seven Spirit Deep*I Am 7*L7*Travel Unit 7*Se7en 20*Seven Dozen Socks*7 Cycles*Silencer7*Samurai Seven*Red Ingle And The Natural Seven*7 Seconds*7 Air*Charlie 7*Seventh Child*7.58*DV8*MN8*Inline Sk8ting Barbies*N89*Nine Inch Nails*earthtone9 *Orange 9mm*No9*Size 9*Planet 9*Ninth Circle*Paradise 9*9 Yards*Nine Bar*The Nine*Radio 9*Nine Below Zero10*10CC*10 Years After*Ten Foot Pole*Ten Masked Men*Ten Pole Tudor*Little 1011*Eleven Pictures*Eleven 34 12*12 Rods*12 Bore13*Ward 13*13th Floor Elevators*Exit 13*Carbon 1314*Carbon 14So far I have no bands with the number 15 in their name, if you can help me, e-mail me... vicky*16
Bronsons*Flight 16*M1617*Heaven 17*17 Stitches*East 17So far I have no bands with the number 18 or 19 in their name, if you can help me, e-mail me... vicky

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*The Middle Twenty21-30*Catch 22*L.A. 22*22 Jacks*Demolition 23*Table 24*24-7 Spyz*24-7*25 Ta Life*Route 25*Apartment 26*Solvent 27*State 2831-40*Thirtyfive Seconds*Liberty 37*38 Special*UB4041-50*Level 42*Cord D43*MR 44*44 Magnum *June Of "44*Dakota 45*Area 45*Angela Brown and The Mighty 45"s51-60*Spy 51*Highway 51*B-52"s*Area 54*East 57th Street*59 Times The Pain61-70*Eiffel 65*Sham 69*Basement 69*Scam 6971-80*JJ72*Breed 77*Blanks 77*Scoutgroup 77*Linea 77*Red Flag 77*Link 8081-90*K9091-100*Squad 96*98 Degrees*Double 99*Haircut 100*Chafford Hundred101+*101 Strings Orchestra*Catharsis 101*105 Newton*Blink 182*187 Lockdown*Route 215*C223*311*TK421*Apollo 440*454 Big Block *Kerosene 454 *500 & Crave *702*707*808 State*Rainmaker 888*911*999*1000 Clowns*1994*Integrity 2000*Revival 3000*Bran Van 3000*Phobia 4000*Powerman 5000*35007 (put this into a calculator, turn it upside down and it spells LOOSE. Ingenious!) *8000XGrand Total = 75354.9