Hey everyone, I have been given the opportunity to purchase a Nagoya Arsenal Arisaka type 99 LONG with the standard 5 round fixed magazine. The rifle is in good shape, has all matching serial numbers, a completely intact chrysanthemum, and a type 30 bayonet with scabbard. Additionally, the rifling seems good and the anti-aircraft sight is full functional. Can anyone approximate its value for me? I just want to know if I am getting a good deal. Sorry, the seller did not allow me to take photos.

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Hello,You have an opportunity to purchase a desirable rifle.

As you may or may not know, Nagoya Army Arsenal only made just over 8200 of these before switching to short rifle production in 1939. The one main item that is missing on 95% of long rifles is the original mono-pod. If this rifle has the original pod to go with your description, and condition is 95% or better, you would be looking at $1500-1750. If it also has its original matching dust cover on the receiver, then you"re looking at a $2000 rifle.

If mono-pod is missing then you"re looking at $750-1000, depending on overall condition. The originality, completeness and condition of the rifle is what drives the price.

Please post photos if you acquire the rifle. I would appreciate seeing it.

Hope this info has helped!




IW Curry
1 year ago

Hey bud I just came into ownership of a type 99 rifle. Monopod is there and chrysanthemum seal is intact. My great grandfather fought in the pacific theater and I heard for years that he brought back a Japanese rifle. It looks almost new so I dont know if it was well kept over the years or if its a knock off. How would I going about authenticating it?

Mike D
1 year ago

IW Curry- Please start a new thread in the Military Forum about your rifle. Be sure to post photos, too! Include a full shot of each side and top of the receiver.



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